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Air Fill Pricing:

80 CF 3000 PSI $13.00
63 CF 3000 PSI $12.00
Airsoft 3000 PSI $7.00
Airsoft 4500 PSI $9.00
SCBA 4500 PSI $17.00

Air Cylinder Filling Policy:

  •        A valid divers certification card must be presented for SCUBA air fills.
  •        All non-diver air fills must complete a waiver to receive an air fill.
  •        Cylinders must be in good condition.
  •        Cylinders must have a in date/valid* hydrostatic test date stamp (Required every 5 years)
  •        Cylinders must have a in date/valid* visual inspection (VIP) label attached (Required annually)
  •        If a cylinder undergoes a hydrostatic test during an in date/valid visual inspection period, a new visual inspection (VIP) must be completed by a certified cylinder inspector before an air fill can be provided. 
  •        We reserve the right to refuse to fill any cylinder for our own safety!

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