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Certification Locations

 LAKE TARA - Open Water Certification Location - A 300 Acre Private Lake with great visibility and water temperatures. (*This location is included in the $585.00 certification price) Located 1.5 hours from Covington, GA. (No overnight stay or additional fees are required)

BLUE WATER PARK - Open Water Certification Location - A 26-acre former limestone quarry located in Pelham, Alabama. Blue Water includes: One night hotel accommodations (Private Room), breakfast, and park fees.

VORTEX SPRINGS - Open Water Certification Locations - A 225-foot-diameter crystal clear spring and is the largest diving facility in the state of Florida. Vortex Spring is recognized as one of the best and safest dive training facilities in the country. Includes: One or Two nights hotel accommodations (Private Room), breakfast, and park fees.

 Destin Florida - Open Water Certification Location - Divers seeking out clear conditions, rich marine life, and captivating sunken treasures need not look any further than the Emerald Coast. Destin diving is pleasingly clear with great water conditions-- more so than many other Florida dive spots. Includes: two night hotel accommodations (Private Room), boat fees, tanks/air fills, and weights.

  *Students are responsible for providing:
  • Transportation to and from the open water training site
  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner for overnight trips (if it's not included)
  • Swim suit, towel, and other personal items

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