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Blue Water Park Dive Adventure/Certification Trip

When: Jul 21, 2024
From 9:00 am to 2:00 pm
Where: Blue Water Park - Pelham, Alabama

Totaling in at around 26 acres, the quarry is undoubtably the star of Blue Water Park. While the depth ranges from 4 to 140 feet, the quarry has an average depth of 100 feet. With three 20-foot training platforms and three training pools containing 4- and 10-foot platforms, the quarry adequately serves scuba instructors and students alike. During the summer months, the surface temperature stays around 86 degrees and at 30 – 60 feet it averages between 65 – 75 degrees and at the bottom temperature remains in the 52-to-54-degree range, with two or three thermoclines. Visibility ranges from approximately 25 - 75 feet in the summer to 50 - 100 feet in the winter. For certified divers looking for some underwater sightseeing there is an abundance of aquatic life including bass, sunfish, catfish, bream, bluegill, Japanese koi, carp, freshwater jellyfish, and turtles. Diver will also enjoy the many underwater attractions including fire trucks, cars, boats, jet skis, school bus, jet airplane, and the rear “Freshwater dolphin”

*Students - During the open water certification trip you will complete your open water check out dives for the diver level you are completing. You will be demonstrating the skills that you learned during your confined water training to your instructor. There will not be any skills demonstrations done by your instructor at this time. In the open water setting the student will have to demonstrate that they have mastered each of the skills completely. The skills will be done in water to deep to stand (15’ – 60’ deep) depending on which level you are training for.

*As always, certified fun divers are always welcome on our certification's trips

Certified Diver Trip Includes:
Entrance fees/taxes
3 Air Fills (Saturday)
2 Air Fills (Sunday)                                                                                                                             
Trip Host
Crystal Clear water with tons to see!                                                                                             
*Optional night dive on Saturday (Certified diver - Additional charges apply)

Not Included:                                                                                                                                                
Personal necessities

Student Diver (Included in course cost)
Certified Diver** $269.00*
* Certified divers’ equipment is not included (Rental available from Into The Blue Scuba)


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