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PADI Specialty Courses

Specialty courses provide you a unique opportunity to delve deeper into specific areas of interest within the underwater realm. Specialty courses are designed to take your knowledge and skills in a specific underwater activity to the next level. They teach you to be a conscious and responsible diver as you explore the incredible underwater world. You’ll gain the necessary knowledge and experience to dive with confidence and be prepared for any unexpected situation. Your diving will greatly improve with each specialty. Also, each specialty course you complete will open up a world of possibilities. You’ll discover new places, explore different types of dives, and broaden your underwater horizons. We offer an array of specialties so, there should be one or a few that would interest you.

Specialty Courses Offered:

Drysuit Diver
Deep Diver 
eak Performance Buoyancy Diver
Underwater Navigator Diver
Full Face Mask Diver
Enriched Air (Nitrox) Diver
Night Diver
Drift Diver
Wreck Diver
Emergency Oxygen Provider
Equipment Specialist

How to begin:  
Contact us at 678-332-6186 and we will assist you with the registration

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